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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends,

As the chairman of Ninja Group, it is my privilege to welcome you on our website.

We established our first company in 1991 with a distinct vision to be the Best Distributor in the Middle East. Since then we have come a long way realising our vision and have successfully launched many companies in diversified fields such as Computers, Electronics, Food Stuff, and Textiles. Today, we continue to explore new avenues to do business in established as well as emerging economies.

Ninja Group has always done the right thing even in the face of adversity by believing in the core values of honesty, integrity and accountability. We believe that we must continuously improve so that we may offer increasing benefits to our trading partners and our people. A proper balance in work and life is important to prosper both materially and spiritually.

I believe that quality product and services at competitive prices is a winning formula. We continuously bring the latest and innovative products suitable for the different regions we serve. We offer our customers a range of established brands in each of our business divisions. We have also developed brands that maintain our business philosophy and give our customers wider range. We strive to be the first-choice in all our business domains.

I thank you for your visit to our site and look forward to engaging in a mutually beneficial business relationship with Ninja Group.

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