Success Built on Core Values


Company Profile

Welcome to the world of Sayona – a leading brand in electronics, home appliances and digital multimedia.

Established in 1992 Ninja groups of companies premier brand Sayona is founded with fundamental aim to create aggressive and long term customer relationships towards the initial goal to internationalize in the field of home appliances, kitchen appliances, personal care and entertainment. The group offers an extensive range of premium quality products at competitive prices. We have expanded our product range and have been recognized by the market for providing good quality products including refrigerators, air conditioning, washing machines, vacuum cleaner, irons, microwave ovens, personal care, entertainment products and various kitchen appliances.

Our Mission

We excel in every single aspect that truly matters to you.

Innovation and Quality

Strive to be among the world class high tech leaders and to provide technological innovations and valuable contribution to humanity, endless pursue to be number one in the area of quality, speed, service, creation and cost efficiency control.


Sayona is driven by the zeal to offer upcoming technology in the ever new product lines offered, the guiding principles being innovation, superior design as well as balance mix between tradition and modern contours. In a word it’s a contemporary style.


Our product line is targeted at the most price sensitive segment of the market. In this high competitive line of business we constantly try to be the price leader with Sayona and at the same time we strive to offer s much value added services with cost and effective response to customer demands and concerns through self-owned and dedicated head offices in Taiwan as well as in Mainland China, that gives us the necessary low cost edge.

Long term relationship

We commit ourselves to the virtues or diligence, honesty, integrity and ingenuity in order to create a long term relationship and win win mutual benefit with our clients which is one of the most important factors of continued success.


China office serves as the logistic hub, providing the highest level of the pre and after sales support. Our commitment for the excellence in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction had no parallels. Our service and quality is just not a trend-it has been ingrained in our business processes with worldwide dedicated sales network catering to the Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, European countries, Russian countries and steadily expanding to the newer markets intending to partner with companies who can represent Sayona brand and promote it in their countries and benefit by joining the reliable and fast growing world brand.

Our Products


Thanks to Sayona modern and next generation entertainment products, your life is full of joy and imagination. Sayona has always tried to give the best electronics products.

Home appliances

Sayona also have extensive range of home appliance products to improve domestic convenience exponentially. It’s range of domestic convenience products range from vacuum cleaner fans, irons, TV stands, food flasks, voltage stabilizer, insect killer and many more

Personal care

Taking care of yourself is always pleasurable! To help you maintain optimal physical form and appearance, Sayona offers various personal care products to care for you.